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    Service Plans

    Recurring service plans take the pain out of preventative maintenance. Get ahead and stay ahead with predictable revenue streams and happy customers.

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    A Proactive Approach to Marine Maintenance

    With Service Plans, you can generate reliable, recurring revenue while always keeping your customers in ship shape. You no longer need to be reactive with maintenance. GET STARTED TODAY

    When it comes to safe marine vessel operation, staying ahead is the name of the game. With aspects like preventative maintenance contracts, you and your customers can set it and forget it — no headaches included.

    High Morale Customers and employees alike will find greater happiness and relief knowing that you've taken proactive measures and implemented recurring service plans. It’s time to eliminate the stress associated with keeping revenue streams flowing.

    Not only are our recurring service plans ensuring your revenue streams stay flowing without interruption — they're reliable too. Don't waste any more precious resources checking to make sure things are consistently up and running.


    A common misconception about recurring service plans is that they're difficult to set up and navigate. In reality, it's the opposite. DockWorks makes sure that once it's in place, its operation is as simple and easy to understand as possible.


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