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    DW 247 Certified dealer
    Grow your business with us!

    With DockWorks 24/7, your business can generate additional revenue by automating vessel reporting, providing self-service monthly usage summaries to your customers, and enabling you to offer enhanced security to your clients around-the-clock.

    Getting started is easy:
    1. Sign up your customer (you can send generate an invoice within DockWorks Pro and get paid in minutes)
    2. Install the device (just connect a few wires and complete the activation form and you're set)
    3. Start generating recurring revenue AND delivering superior service for your customers!


    Fill out this form and a DockWorks representative will contact you within 24 hours to tell you more about the DockWorks 24/7 Certified Dealer program.

    Want to learn more about DockWorks 24/7?
    Download our comparison matrix pdf to see how DockWorks 24/7 stacks up to the competition.

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